There is an old radio adage and one still very much relevant and true today that goes along the lines of “Double your revenue, sell two ads.” Many radio scriptwriters and radio sales executives think that their job begins and ends when only one radio commercial is written, presented and sold to the client. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the wise and savvy radio sales management will encourage their team to ‘Think Campaign.’ Ask a Marketing Consultant

Think Radio Campaign

The hardest part of any journey ‘they’ often say is the first step. Once that’s completed it gets easier. The same applies to writing a radio campaign. Thinking radio campaign means:


  • At the beginning, writing a number of ads
  • Thinking of an advertising solution that ‘has legs’, or can run for a period of time
  • Looking past the initial airtime or sales order to further campaigns and orders
  • Considering a number of options and styles (more than one) to present
  • Investing more time in more creative and scriptwriting work at the outset, for later rewards


Writing say five or six scripts for one client does not necessarily mean that the creative workload will increase by five or six times. All the hard work is generally invested at the start, establishing the style and agreeing the format with the client, and then simply continuing that theme for future campaign albeit with possible varying treatments.