We have been designing and developing cutting edge websites and eCommerce solutions for over 5 years. With experience in content management system development, eCommerce solutions, web design, ASP.Net web development, ASP web development, software development and custom point of sale systems, you can breathe easy knowing you can focus on what you do best, running your business!

ClickEx.net offers ASP web development and design at affordable rates. If you have a project whether small or big then send us an introductory email and get the ball rolling. ClickEx.net has gained a reputation for an excellent service and has many satisfied and repeat customers.

Below is an non-exhaustive list of the web services that we can offer.

  • Professional Website development / design
  • Database driven solutions
  • Domain name registration
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Shopping cart / e-commerce solutions (Have worked extensively with PayPal and WorldPay)
  • graphic / image work
  • Password protected / membership areas
  • We cater for both business and personal sites
  • Website promotion and registration with top search engines and Pay Per Click advertising engines.
  • We build to your specifications, and to your budget
  • No site or work too large or too small
  • We can build websites were you can easily update the content yourself

About ASP…

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a great tool for creating dynamic web pages. ASP is a Microsoft technology, and it works by allowing us the functionality of a programming language; we write programming code that will generate the HTML for the web page dynamically. So, whenever a user browses to our web site and requests one of our ASP pages, the ASP code is processed at that time by a special piece of software – the web server.

This processing generates the HTML, which is then passed to the browser and used to create the page itself, on the user’s screen. ASP websites is made easier by various built-in objects. Each object corresponds to a group of frequently-used functionality useful for creating dynamic web pages. ASP is now considered an integral part of working with Windows on the Internet.

ASP was one of the first web application development environments that integrated web application execution directly into the web server. The power of ASP lies in two facts: first, the HTML is not created until the user wants to see the web page, and second, it doesn’t care what web browser is being used. It is potentially one of the most important innovations to emerge on the Web – for developers and users of the Internet and intranets alike.