Broadly speaking, the term “e-business” refers to using the Internet for doing business.

Our E-business Strategy Includes

  • communicate with customers, clients or suppliers via email.
  • send emails to other businesses to order products and services.
  • sell your products or services via our website.
  • We use the Web to find information, such as prices, phone numbers, reviews of products.
  • We use the Web for research, such as the latest industry trends.
  • using your website to provide information about your products and services.

No level of e-business is necessarily better than any other level. Some businesses don’t need a website but deal all day with other businesses and customers online via email and an e-marketplace. Other businesses have a website that helps them sell their products all around the world. It’s up to each business to determine what level of e-business is right for them.

e-Business is the term used to describe the information systems and applications that support and drive business processes, most often using web technologies.

e-Business allows companies to link their internal and external processes more efficiently and effectively, and work more closely with suppliers and partners to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers, leading to improvements in overall business performance.

While a website is one of the most common implementations, e-Business is much more than just a web presence and there are a vast array of internet technologies all designed to help businesses work smarter not harder. Think about collaboration tools, mobile and wireless technology, Customer Relationship Management and social media to name a few.

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