Your logo is a representative of your company. The first thing that potential customers may notice about your company is your logo.

What does a logo do?

  • Visually identifies your company
  • Reinforces your brand image
  • Illustrates your company values

How Can a Logo Do All That?

Imagery can help to set a certain tone. Does your company logo design contain sharp angles or smooth curves? Is the icon something literal that clearly conveys your corporate focus or is it more figurative? What kind of emotional attachments are subconsciously communicated through your use of color?

Where Should You Use Your Logo?

  • Website Design
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Identity
  • Sales Collateral

Leave Logo Design to the Professionals

Everyone has a relative or friend who likes to draw, but an interest in drawing is not the same as a professional graphic designer. Your neighbor’s son will most likely lack the experience needed to understand the subtleties of a well-designed logo. Nobody wants to have a logo that has little or no meaning, because how do you explain to your customers that your logo has no meaning?

How does the logo design process work? have over 12 years industry experience in logo design and corporate branding. Probably the single most important thing a new company or business needs to get right and establish early on is a recognizable brand identity. At we look at all the variables involved in the business and look at market competitors to see how best to position and style the look of a new logo design. From our clients perspective we offer a range of logo packages from simple web logos through to corporate re branding exercises. We also offer new business start up packages that include a logo design business card design, stationery design, print and if necessary a branded website. The logo design process really is a development situation with input from both the client and We start of with a handful of logo identities following on from any brief or meeting supplied by e-mail as jpgs or pdfs. It usually follows that one or two ideas have elements that are working and a finished piece of artwork is amended from a few rounds of revisions. Once a logo has been finalized and paid for, the full ownership rights are signed over to the client and you are free to use the logo in any way you choose. If you already have a logo but feel it is a bit out of date or not doing you justice let take a look and see what we can achieve for you.