Affiliate marketing represents a uniquely powerful online marketing channel that provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to partner with innovative entrepreneurs looking to promote your products or services on a pay for performance basis. Unlike other types of online marketing, such as pay-per-click and banner advertising, that require you to risk money upfront, affiliate marketing is strictly pay-for-performance. In this way, the affiliate marketing channel allows you to partner with leading bloggers, affiliates, and Web site owners and pay only when a specific action (that you define) is performed, such as a lead or sale.

Successful affiliate programs have several features in common. First, successful affiliate programs have one or more dedicated affiliate managers that are responsible for growing and cultivating the program on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is where many affiliate programs fail. In fact, managing an affiliate program is a full-time job and requires the dedication of one or more managers with the experience and talent necessary to build and maintain your program. Second, an MBA from Harvard is not required; however, years of experience, an innovative strategy, and industry connections are priceless.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Having an established network of affiliates is the key to a successful online campaign.

Affiliate partners are a ‘virtual sales force’ – specializing in search marketing. Because they command such a presence on the web, they help boost brand awareness and building online. That leads to an increase in visitors to the promoted website which in turn leads to an increase in sales conversions.

Our account managers have years of experience and strong working relationships with the major affiliates.

Why you should be looking at Affiliate Marketing

Stopping your competition

Affiliates come in two forms. Websites which already have lots of visitors who are looking for ways to monetise their site, or digital marketing experts who want to monetize their skills by marketing someone else’s products. If you do not operate in the affiliate space, an affiliate will bypass you and go straight to a competitor.

Opening a sales channel

When a website is generating a return on investment, and has a tested sales or lead generation formula, there is always a need for more visitors to increase the monetization of the site. Affiliates can often drive this traffic, and most importantly will only be paid on a results basis which makes the channel efficient and cost effective.

The affiliate offering

Our affiliate team are able to offer a complete service in the affiliate space. This includes; creating the initial strategy, choosing the ideal network, using our buying power to negotiate the best deal, structuring the business model, recruiting the affiliates and managing the day to day campaign.

Aspects of our affiliate marketing campaigns include :

  • Communication : regular communication with affiliates e.g. bespoke affiliate newsletters sent out regularly, msn, email, and phone
  • Recruitment : recruitment of new affiliates with prospects of increasing sales
  • Monitoring : maintain and monitor any restrictions placed on affiliates on the program
  • Qualification : vetting of affiliates as they join the program
  • Promotion : encouraging signed affiliates who are on the program and are not performing to increase their activity by providing resources to assist them
  • Advice : generation of ideas to keep the program fresh and interesting to affiliates – encouraging growt