Freedom. That’s what a wireless network offers you. Complete freedom to move anywhere—inside or outside the office walls—and still have complete access to your network. Check your E-mail without having to look for a free data port. Enjoy a client meeting on your patio with full network capabilities—for everyone.

Until recently, a wireless network was perceived as costly, slow, or only to be used where cabling was impossible. Now, with new industry standards such as IEEE 802.11, a number of affordable and sophisticated wireless networking solutions are available, and even preferable. For warehouse inventory, point-of-sale PDA’s, and office “sharing” for mobile workers, wireless networking is the solution.

Wireless networks also offer obvious benefits for non-mobile or desktop workstations located in remote areas where cabling is impractical. At trade shows, exhibitions, school or business meetings, where the time-consuming and costly installation of trailing cables can also pose a safety concern, wireless networks are the solution. consults with your team to determine what solutions will work best for your business. Our unbiased and no-nonsense approach allows us to find the most cost effective solution, enabling your business to better manage growth into the future.

Wireless Solutions We Offer :

  • Wireless LANs
  • Wireless WANs
  • Wireless network design
  • Wireless consulting
  • Product comparison
  • RF, optical laser, satellite, wireless VoIP
  • Wireless site survey and installation
  • Briefings on the benefits of wireless technology
  • True secure wireless designs
  • Data rates up to 100mbs