Our SEO begins with the actual structure of your website.  A search engine friendly site is first and foremost easily navigated by both users and search engine spiders. Our design experts can align your pages into searchable themes and subsections which the search engines will be able to easily navigate.

Architect, our search engine friendly content management system (CMS), automatically generates optimized URLs and clean source code so that your site can be easily indexed for maximum exposure. Each page generated from the CMS is W3C compliant and accessible. This means in addition to being indexed by search engines, your site will be accessible to the site readers operated by the visually impaired.

After the foundational structure is in place, ClickEx.net  provides expert competitive analysis and keyword research in order to recommend the most effective keyword phrases with which to optimize your site’s content and future marketing campaigns. While some META data isn’t as valuable as it used to be, we don’t cut any corners. We pay special attention to META data including keywords, page description and title tag so that search engines will provide the best possible results for user searches.

Once optimized META data is in place, we turn our attention to the content of the site. ClickEx.net will recommend content changes and internal linking as necessary to optimize each page from within. Your SEO efforts will only be as successful as the content of your site, so we treat each page as though your business depends on it… because it does.