FACT: 98% of web sites cannot be found by search engines for the search terms that people use to identify the product or service they are seeking

FACT: Being #10 on Google for a specific search term will result in 200% more clicks than being #20. Being #5 doubles the clicks from being #10. Being #3 doubles from being #5 and being #1 doubles from being #3.

FACT:  Conversion rates for listings in the top 10 of search engine rankings are 65% greater than from positions 11-20.

With the right keywords in the right positions of natural (organic) search, your business can soar.

What We Do

We are specialists in helping professional service firms and niche market websites rank well for a small number of keywords.  We have found this method to be the most economical process to use to help an entire web site rank well.  We follow only white-hat SEO practices and typically achieve results in 4-6 months.

How We Do It

We follow our 7 step process to ensure results are met with each customer we work with. Here are the steps:

1)      We analyze and help discover the right keywords for the service or product a web site is offering.  A complete competitive analysis is provided that will scope the effort and deliverables required to get your term ranked at or near the very top on the major search engines.

2)      We conduct a short but thorough analysis of on-page factors to be sure that the site is well constructed, is reachable, has decent content and has navigation that is friendly enough for a prospect or a customer to find what they are looking for.  While we might make small recommendations to correct any glaring issues, rarely do we suggest any changes requiring additional investment.  At the conclusion of this step we want to ensure that the site is ready to accept people clicking on the keyword from the search engines and that the site has a reliable and relevant place for those clicks to land.

3)      We develop original content that is most often derivatives of existing content that you already possess.  After our competitive analysis determines the level of effort required to reach our goal we develop pieces of work in this phase of the search engine keyword ranking process highlighting the specific keywords and search terms that we have elected to target.  The client will own all pieces of content after completion.

4)      Our team then goes to work.  We will take the first piece of content and publish it on our extensive network of blog and web 2.0 sites providing backlinks to the web site for the specific keywords.  Using this time-proven, very effective method is the only way we know to provide a one-directional backlink that is surrounded by relevant content.  We change each article submission slightly to be sure that no duplicate content issues arise with the search engines.  We will drip the content onto the internet at a pace that will be below the rate at which the content will be considered to be spam (that is an algorithm that we know from experience), but at a rate that will begin to show results within a few weeks.  Backlinks to the internet are like approval votes, the more links for that term that point to a page that is relevant for that term the higher the search engines will rank the site for that term.  Through our free analysis (Free ROI Analysis )  we can tell how competitive a market is and what the typical effort will be, but it is usually 3-5 months before you get to the top (page 1) of the search engines and  then another month before the position is held in a stable manner.

5)      Our blog/content sites and web 2.0 sites have different levels of authority (PageRank) and we will submit the content to a random sample of sites, continuing to do so until we get the results our client is seeking. Our content publishers enjoy working with us because we provide high quality content publishing that serves their readership.

6)      We repeat the same process in month 2 for the second piece of original content.

7)      Each month we analyze the current placement and the changes from the month before. We continue to drip the articles into the internet while we track the status of the selected keywords until we are at the top of the rankings and are satisfied with the results.

Who This Service Fits Best:

  • Companies who have a high return per sale/engagement or inquiry
  • Companies who may have tried to rank well for a keyword before and received mixed results
  • Companies that have a well designed web site that is easy to navigate and delivers a consistent message
  • Companies whose web presence is seen as a strategic part of their business model
  • Companies focused on results who would like to outsource keyword marketing to experts
  • Companies who can afford the investment

Who This Service Does Not Fit:

  • Companies relying on their next internet sale to make payroll
  • Adult Oriented sites, or any site that is offensive to anyone. If we would not be proud telling our families about you, we won’t work with you.
  • Companies looking for a complete SEO service.  While we do have that expertise in-house, we have elected to focus on this very specific task that provides the largest returns to our customers and to do it very well. We will be happy to recommend a couple of our trusted partners who provide complete SEO services if you e-mail us at info@ClickEx.net .
  • Companies looking to get results in 2 weeks.  Sometimes it does happen but most often we are into month 2 before we start to see significant movement in the search engine rankings. We do not use spam techniques that can quickly boost rankings in the short term only to lose those rankings over the longer term.

Keyword Ranking System

Using our key system for Search Engine Optimization we have been able to achieve industry leading results when it comes to keyword promotion. Our scalable in-house developed system is capable of promoting many thousands of keywords. We continue to have great success promoting our clients keywords over any vertical. Our system has been designed with scalability in mind and we are able to demonstrate great results for clients with just a few keywords and clients with thousands of keywords.

Keyword Ranking with Relevance

With an eye on the future and a driving vision to provide better keyword results we have pushed for relevance in our keyword promotion. We have developed a contextual keyword placing system which makes sure that your keyword is not only promoted on the best sites, but also on the best pages of the best sites. Our results have improved and been sustainable as a result of our constant push to be more relevant in all we do.

Keyword Rank Tracking

We track all the keywords we promote and are very proud of our results. Just ask one of us to show off some results, we will be more than happy to show you what we can do. We also have a live keyword tracking which provides a real-time view of all the keywords we promote.

Keyword Ranking Promotion Services

As a full service agency we provide multiple services to help our clients achieve sustainable great results for their keywords. Find out more about our Contextual Link Building, SEO Optimized News Content generation, SEO Consulting, User Generated Content, Corporate Blog services that will help you to Be Found…