Even if you don’t use Linux to run your desktop PC, you can certainly take advantage of Linux Hosting offered at ClickEx.net. The operating system that you use for your desktop PC should not impact your choice of web hosts. Linux web servers make hosting easy. The primary hosting tasks are almost identical for both Linux and Windows web servers, but the advantages found with Linux hosting are vast. Learn more about such advantages and more below.

We have been web hosting provider on Linux. LINUX / UNIX operating system has been known to be very stable and robust. Any website hosted on Linux will have very high up-time (of the order of 99%). Our web hosting is affordable web hosting as compared to any other web hosting company. We have great Linux web hosting solutions. A web site designed for compatibility with a Linux / Unix based web server meets the scalability requirement easily without making any site wide design changes.

We are the premium provider of Linux hosting. Our Linux hosting servers are co-located at best hosting data centers. We provide 24/7 Sales and Technical support for our clients. We have the best & most advanced Linux hosting solutions for everyone. Our Linux hosting servers are configured for heavy usage and reseller hosting performance. We care for security of our hosting clients thus we monitor and secure our hosting servers & take pro-active security measures. Our Linux hosting servers come with plenty of different features that are widely appreciated in the market. We specialize and offer Cheap and affordable Linux based hosting solutions for people who demand their website reside on fast, reliable servers with the most stable operating system in the world.

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Since a server’s operating system controls the basic, vital functions of the server, it is important to be aware of the advantages one will experience when choosing a Linux host.

  • In addition to the amazing hosting support that ClickEx.net  customers receive from the Guru Crew, keep in mind that Linux has a huge, active network of helpful developers. Those hosting their sites in a Linux environment will have access to this invaluable support community. With such a large number of developers, Linux is a very progressive platform; new ideas emerge rapidly and more innovative work can be done within the community. The many advantages of Linux Hosting ultimately stem from this huge developer community.
  • A Linux host is perfect for those looking for a developer friendly environment. ClickEx.net offers our customers support for the open-source tools, like PHP and Python scripting, that are needed to create their sites.
  • Linux hosting has a well earned reputation for stability and security. This can once again be attributed to the gigantic open-source community of developers, all of which work tirelessly to find, patch and fix any bugs that are discovered.
  • Open Source software is generally free. This cost-effectiveness factor allows users to spend their available resources on activities like promoting their site or project instead of on costly software.
  • Those hosting their sites on the Linux platform experience faster page loads and better performance. The speed and performance of Linux can actually be attributed to another key benefit, its flexibility. Linux is flexible in the sense that it is highly suited for fine-tuned, task-specific system configurations. This gives system administrators the ability to configure Linux servers to perform at an optimal level.