The results you will get from your radio advertising campaign will depend on a number of factors. Creating an appealing commercial, sending a clear message, having a clear “call to action” message and booking the right time slots on the right radio stations to reach your target audience. Other factors could be choosing, a humorous or serious tone, background music, special effects and dialogue/script to create a picture in the listeners mind.

Space City understands the medium of Radio advertising, your success should not be left to chance. Your advertisement needs to be motivational, evocative, inspiring and engage the listener from the beginning. This is not easy and many radio advertisements fail to achieve this or come close to the mark.

Getting the balance right in an advertisement is also important. Make it too funny and people will remember the joke and not your product or service or too irritating and people will switch off. Radio advertising needs to be engaging so that people tune into what is being said and most importantly remember the message, the product, the website address and telephone number. Getting the balance right requires expertise and experience which is why you need Space City.


Radio advertising is very much the cheaper sibling to TV and something we often offer on the back of a television advertising campaign. Having said that, we’re happy to produce stand-alone campaigns too.

Radio advertising, used correctly, cuts through the clutter and can send a clear message to a target audience. Aimed at the right age group in the right income bracket, there is no need to use visual images, as the human mind can be even more powerful than images produced using press or television advertising.