There are three dominant pay per click services that can be used for advertising online. They are provided by the most popular search engines and are called AdWords (Google), Yahoo! Search Marketing and adCenter (MSN).

There are also numerous other smaller pay per click services in the UK that have sprung up to take advantage of this rapidly expanding market.

What is Pay Per click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a relatively new way of marketing online that is proving to be very popular with both advertisers and consumers. It works by displaying simple text adverts alongside search engine results.

For example if you type the phrase ‘pay per click setup’ into the search engine Google, you will see a list of adverts displayed in the right hand column next to the search results. These adverts are related to the phrase that was searched for, so in this case they will be about setting up and managing pay per click advertising campaigns.

Advertisers write an advert, choose which search terms they want their advert to show for, and then set a maximum amount (bid price) that they are willing to pay every time the advert is clicked and a customer is sent to their website.

Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising

Highly Targeted – The major benefit to PPC advertising is that it focuses in on your target market. As long as you only select relevant keywords in your advertising campaign, your advert will only ever show to customers who are searching with terms related to your product.

Flexible – There are lots of options you can choose when setting up a PPC campaign, you can state which countries you want your advert to show in and you can even specify regions in some cases. Once you set up your campaign the adverts can start showing in just a few hours, you can continue to edit your campaign as it runs and these changes take effect almost immediately.

Cost – You are in total control over how much you spend on your campaign. Maximum bid prices can be set for each individual keyword and you can state a daily budget to keep your spending to a certain level. As the name of the system suggests, you only get charged when someone actually clicks on your advert, none of your budget is wasted on people who are not interested in your market. Pay-Per-Click campaigns offer :

Keyword Mining and Copywriting : We make sure that we produce an exhaustive list of the relevant search terms, accompanied by effective copy for each term, to give your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign the best possible start.

Landing Page Optimization : It’s critical to ensure that once web users click through to your site from a search, they find exactly what they want, and – most importantly – buy it. We will help you maximize your conversion rate.

Account Management : By creating and managing your search engine accounts, we can help to increase your advertising return – giving you more time to focus on running your business.

Shopping and Price Comparison Engines : Offering great prices is only beneficial to your business if potential customers are made aware of them. ensures that your products and services are displayed on shopping comparison sites to showcase how price competitive you are.

Tracking and Reporting : We monitor every click through and offer you detailed reports at all times, resulting in a clear and accountable campaign. Our ‘Open Book’ policy also means you can access all your accounts continually.