Corporate Mailing Solutions offers email hosting, email services, business email, group email, personal email services and all types of other email hosting services using your own choice of domain name so that everyone can have their own customized email accounts for increasing your own as well as your business presence on net. Our powerful web-based access provides full email operation from anywhere the web is available With our Email.

Hosting and Domain Parking services, you can begin using your domain for email immediately. Our email hosting services are reliable, secure and easy to set-up with no installation expense and gives you 24 hour on line support

Create a unique identity for yourself, your family and close friends by having personalized email address which is affordable, reliable, easy setup, a complete custom email service with reasonable price.

Create a specialized identity of your group on web with addresses. Ideal for workgroups, clubs, associations, unions, large families, societies and Professional firms etc. Group Mail is an affordable, reliable, easy way to set up and deploy email solution that are tailored for medium to large groups.’s mailing solutions provides corporate users with complete control over their corporate communication. The solution is aimed at providing dedicated server for an efficient webmail application which can be used by all the employees in your organization. We provide host of features for easy and efficient communication. Our full-featured email solution that offers secure, scalable communications at the fast pace today’s businesses require.

Our software will be installed on a set of dedicated servers. We will manage the administration, security, backups, upgrades, and all aspects of these servers and the software used on them. You do not have to have a technical staff on hand to manage your organization’s email. All you have to do after you sign-up is create your employees email ID’s and start using!

A) Corporate Mailing Basic


  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Skype-yahoo-msn –gmail voice support
  • 24 hrs email support


  • Payment 50% advance
  • Service tax 8.75% extra for USA customers
  • Overseas customer need not pay service tax
  • Payment modes:-
    • If the local intranet is conflicting with the online we may use the other domain of yours for the email space.
    • You can increase the space any time as per the need
  • Space and domain are renewable every year.

B) Corporate Mailing Advanced

Corporate mailing solutions are designed for corporate companies who would like to have their

C) Corporate In-house Mailing Server Corporate In-house Mailing Server solution is for those customers who like their  server set up in their  own premises.

(In this case you will arrange all the infrastructure for this server to be placed at your premises – we will give you the list of things needed )


1.    If your mail is so much important and you are very particular about its security, then this is the solution – you will have full control over your emails
2.    For those who feel the physical presence of the mail server in their own premises is the fool proof security, then this is the right solution for such customers.
3.    We set up the server at your premises , we install all the software that is needed for a email server.
4.    We will take care of all the technical set up, and technical maintenance.
5.    You can access mails web based or through a outlook express from any part of the world.
6.    The mail server’s home page can be customized to your taste.

D) Corporate Bulk and Multiple Feature Mailing

Genuine corporate mailing when sent in bulk these days never reach the in box of mail boxes and treated as spam. Also all the servers reject and stop any mailing server which is sending bulk mail and have become a “No body entertains” matter due to spam. are in this field trying solve this problem to help those who have genuine mails to be sent to large audience by setting up multiple dedicated servers and our own “customized software” to handle

How we do that:-Here are the facilities the software will be having – if you like more facilities ask us :-

1. You can create all email ids on single domain.

• We will provide all emails from a single domain
• Set up the domain to a single dedicated server
• Provide all needed coding and software

2. Admin module for bulk e-mail creation, quota maintenance, and more facilities.

• Using our API you can set quota
• Or you can set unlimited quota for every mail box so that there is no bouncing – ever.

3. Module to send an e-mail to all clients or a specific group.

• We will create this facility in your admin area (API)
• You will be able to select a specific group
• Give them a separate name
• Then select the group
• And send email

If you are interested in this please send mail to